Our Company

More than fifty years in distribution

CDD was founded in the mid-1960s. Its initial aim was to distribute products, and in particular confectionery, to groups of retailers and to the first supermarkets, which were opening at that time.
From the very start the company focused on selecting products with the best quality-price ratio and providing efficient service. Thanks to this approach, within a short time CDD was supplying all of the most important distribution structures in the region.

Since the start of the 1990s CDD has extended its range of products, adding goods for which it is the sole importer on the national market.
It started by importing from neighbouring European nations and has now expanded this to more than twenty countries worldwide today. With the imports came a push to gain new customers and open up new sales channels. CDD started supplying large chain stores, first of all the organisations which were closest from a geographical point of view, and then others throughout the country.


With the entrance onto the market of discount outlets, CDD has become an active partner in the search for items that are in line with the expectations of this segment. Thanks to its vast experience, CDD is able to offer all-round service throughout the whole country. The start of the new millennium saw CDD intent on setting up important new relationships with foreign manufacturers and going on to become their sole distributor for the Italian market.

The company has invested and achieved impressive sales in markets which are constantly growing and developing, such as airline and railway vending and catering.